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Sprawozdanie z wycieczki...
Napisano 17-04-2005 16:16
, przez Alvaro_17
Dostałem zadanie z angielskiego. "Sprawozdanie z wycieczki (po angielsku)" a jestem kompletnym neptykiem z angielskiego i niewiem jak to napisac. BARDZO PROSZĘ O POMOC. ZADANIE MAM NA 19-04-2005r. jeszcze raz proszę o pomoc. DZIĘKUJE
Nie wiem na jakim poziomie ma byc to ...
Napisano 26-04-2018 13:44:19
, przez zadane
Sprobuj na http://dojrzewamy.pl. Pisza ponad 2000 odpowiedzi dziennie!
Nie wiem na jakim poziomie ma byc to ...
Napisano 17-04-2005 17:28
, przez J.
Nie wiem na jakim poziomie ma byc to wypracowanie, wiec pisze "standardowo", oscylujac wokól FCE level

Bedzie to opis wycieczki do anglii, polaczonej z kursem jezykowym - pisalam cos takiego w zamierzchlej przeszlosci:)

In July, I went to England for a three-week trip. It was also an English course at Wellington College. There were fifty students on the course, from more than a dozen different countries.
I arrived at Heathrow on 6th July, where two teachers greeted me. They introduced me to someother students. Then, we went to our dormitories - big rooms with beds for six - where we could unpack. After that we went to a dining hall for our first English meal, which was the fish and chips:)
The next day, on 7th July, we had three hours of English amd after English we went horse-riding. I had never been on a horse before, but it was absolutely awesome! That evening I watched TV while some other students played table-tennis or listened to music. Most days followed this pattern, although I also tried some canoeing, playing tennis and rugby:)
At the end of the first week, we went to Howlett's ZOO. the zoo-keeper let us feed the gorillas, but some of the students were too scared to go near them. We went on a excursion to Dover and Margate too, and on the last weekend we went to London! In London we went sighseeing and I bought lost of presents for my family and friends.
On the last evening, of course, we had a disco. one of the students was a DJ, so he played all the songs we liked. The next morning I had to say goodbye to all my new friends and the taxi took me back to the airport.
I had a wonderful time there and I would like to go back there next year. I think my English has improved, too!

Zmieniaj do woli, jesli cos Ci nie odpowiada.

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