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potrzebny opis pokoju.Na dzisiaj.Szybkooooo!!!!.
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18-10-2005 18:20


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wiadć że nie znasz regulaminu naszego forum:

Ale prosze bardzo, oto opis pokoju z repetytorium z języka angielskiego. Jest to po angielsku, a przetłumaczyć trzeba juz samemu. Odpwoeidz.pl nie odwala bryudnej roboty...

l have a romantic nature and this is reflected in the style of my room. l designed the interior myself. The room is spacious but homely. The walls are all painted pink, which creates a warm and cosy atmosphere. Here l have some pictures in ornamental frames on the walls. They depict beautiful country landscapes and still life. The wooden floor is covered with a soft flowery carpet. In the center of the room there is a round coffee table. It is usually cluttered up with my books, CDs and magazines. In a big antique wardrobe in the corner l keep all my clothes, underwear and shoes. Although it's a very old piece of furniture, it is very functional. l also have two comfortable armchairs and a red leather sofa upholstered with a few colourful cushions. Above the sofa there is a wooden shelf where l keep some porcelain figurines and other knick-knacks. By the window there is a big rectangular desk at which l study every day. Here l have my laptop and stereo equipment. Next to the desk there is a pretty hand-crafted rustic bookcase made of pine. It has four big shelves and a 'bits-and-bobs' drawer. It is very useful. The window looks out onto a forest. It is decorated with light, lilac curtains hung on a wooden rail. On the window sill there are a few pot plants and three brightly coloured glass bottles. My room is very pleasant and l am proud of it.

18-10-2005 22:25

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